Why Advertising Trucks

The TRAXX Framing System is the Number One System in the World


Our system is the most popular in the world and is utilized by top brands like McDonalds, Michelin and IKEA – just to name a few.  You will find our system in over 10 countries and in use on over 10,000 vehicles worldwide.


Advertising is expensive except when you already own the media space.  If you have a fleet of 50 or 1000 flat sided vehicles you already own a media company.  Imagine using those billboards for free every month.  Advertising Trucks helps you communicate your advertising message using this space for a fraction of its media value.

Quick & Easy

The system can be installed in 2 hours (per truck) with change-outs taking a mere 20 minutes (per truck). This minimizes vehicle downtime with little disruption to your schedule.

Light & Slim

The system is very light and slim and therefore doesn’t cause drag or have a significant effect on your gas mileage or overall vehicle weight. Also, the system is affixed to the truck using a 2-part epoxy. As a result, we don’t drill into your box and affect the warranty.


We become an extension of your company and are always just a phone call away.

Quality and Safety Assurance

The TRAXX system has been tested by one of the world’s most respected automotive testing companies,  MIRA.  For more information on the safety of our product watch a short video here.

We care about your framing system as much as you do and want them to look good and perform for their lifetime.

All Inclusive

We offer full service design that can do anything from developing a concept to print preparation. Our high quality printing will ensure your message is flawless out on the roads and our installation teams offer flexible hours nationwide.