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Vehicle Wraps: How Long do they Last?

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Our standard vehicle wraps use high-quality vinyl manufactured by 3M. We do not quote a low price and then try to up sell for a better vinyl. Our quote includes: a top-of-the-line vinyl, printing processes that allow colors to pop, and highly-skilled, trained installers. This culminates in a vehicle wrap that will allow your company to shine for up to five years.

You have three options when it comes to windows:

  • Option 1: apply the same type of vinyl to all windows and back windshield as the body. The vinyl will adhere to the glass in the same manner as it does to the body. More importantly, the vinyl will still give you five years of advertising your message.
  • Option 2: install window perf. Window perf is an excellent choice for companies that want to maintain consistency in design but still utilize the windows. You can see out but commuters, pedestrians, and everyone in between won’t be able to see inside your vehicle.

Window Perf

Because window perf is not as thick as vinyl, its life is not as long. We recommend replacing window perf about every two years. But don’t worry, our installers simply replace the material on the windows and you are good to go. It’s quick, easy, and an inexpensive fix to keep your image in pristine condition.

  • Option 3: leave the windows blank. But why would you leave them blank when every inch of your vehicle is real estate that you own and control. Make sure you are leveraging your resources to their fullest.
    If your service vehicles travel thousands of miles a month or that far in a year, your wrap is going to hold strong because we have been a leader in vehicle wraps for the last 10 years and have learned a few things along the way.

Wash Your Car! You wash your personal vehicle every so often, right? The same applies for a wrapped automobile. We recommend hand washing, but if you have to use an automatic car wash make sure it uses a mild detergent and soft brushes.

Stay on the Road! We understand clients sometimes ask for the world and that’s ok. But sliding down a dirt trail with branches scraping the sides, or flying down a gravel driveway endangers the durability of your wrap.

Use the AC! We love driving with the windows down as much as the next person but with window perf, the constant sliding of the glass can weaken the integrity of the perf. So turn up the air – your hair will thank you.

Use a Scraper! If you have window perf on the back windshield, gently brush off any snow. Gently scrape away any frost and leave the defroster off. Though rare, the heat can bubble the window perf. Finally, if you have a back windshield wiper, please refrain from using. The sliding action of the blade could cause streaking on your image.

Park in the Shade! No shade? No problem. This is not as imperative as some of the other guidelines. This only aids in keeping the colors vibrant for the entire life of the wrap.

DON’T POKE! If you see a bubble in the vinyl, do not poke! It’s an easy fix for our installers and it’s free.

That’s it. A few guidelines to follow and your vinyl wrap will take care of your company for up to the next five years. Give us a call  and let us show what we can do for your image.