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Allied Supply Box Truck Wrap

Vehicle Wraps are Great for Service Businesses, Distributors, and Suppliers!

So you have a fleet of vehicles that you feel aren’t getting you the same attention other vehicles in your area are attracting, but your advertising budget won’t allow for you to wrap all of them?  Don’t fret, there are plenty of businesses in your same shoes, and some businesses that don’t have a fleet of vehicles at all, but want the exposure that a fleet of vehicle wraps delivers!  Here’s what I would suggest you do to help offset some of the initial investment to wrap your vehicles.

Call your suppliers!  Talk to them.  Find out if they have a cooperative (co-op) program in place.  Oftentimes suppliers are looking for a way to increase the awareness of their brand and/or products.  These programs typically include a vehicle wrap option, with a few “requirements” that must be met within the design itself to receive their portion of the investment.  The main reason these suppliers like to have their information on your vehicle wrap is simply a result of the mass amount of advertising impressions a wrapped vehicle delivers over its lifetime!  In any given week, a single wrapped vehicle will be seen 30,000-70,000 times… imagine if you have a few vehicles in your fleet, talk about a quick way to build awareness and brand recognition!

Below is a great example of a vehicle wrap that the Supplier (Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Cooling) and the Distributor (Allied Supply) worked on together to make happen!  Notice how both brands are equally prominent with a clear message that is valueable to both parties involved.


Allied Supply Box Truck Wrap

Allied Supply Box Truck Wrap


Allied Supply Box Truck Wrap - Back Door

Allied Supply Box Truck Wrap – Back Door