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How long will a vehicle wrap last?

How long will a vehicle wrap last” is one of the most common questions I receive from inquiring businesses, along with “What is the warranty on a vehicle wrap” and “How much does a vehicle wrap cost?”  Those are all great questions that should be asked of every vehicle wrap company you visit.  The answers to these questions will help you differentiate the vehicle wrap specialists from those who are capable of printing a vehicle wrap because some red flags will rise!  They will also assist you in deciding whether a wrap is the right direction to go…

Now to the question, why you are here? A vehicle wrap will look professional for up to 5 years. The vinyl itself will last for 10+years, and most of it will stay on the vehicle that long, but to expect a professional appearance for 10+ years is illogical.  Take a moment to consider what your vehicle wrap will be going through every day: the sun, snow, salt, car washes, etc!  So when considering whether a vehicle wrap is right for your business, expect to get 3-5 years of professional advertising out of your wrap!  During that time, you shouldn’t experience any deterioration (major fading or peeling) in your wrap.  One other thing to consider before investing in a vehicle wrap is how long you will be keeping the vehicle.  If you don’t think you will have the vehicle in your fleet for at least 1.5 years, you should heavily consider waiting until you replace that vehicle or looking at another vehicle in your fleet to wrap.