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Get More Out of Your Vehicle Wrap

Over the past couple years, I’ve posted a few blog entries, which I received great feedback on, sharing ideas of how to get the most out of your vehicle wrap!  And even though I continue to add new blogs introducing ways to use your vehicle wrap to get the best bang for your buck, and I’m sure I’ve got them all listed, I keep finding new ideas which force me to put up new blogs for you!  Just in case you missed the previous posts, I have them neatly listed here for you:

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A vehicle wrap on a business card (Business Cards)

But what about a business card on a vehicle wrap?  It is possible, it has happened, and it makes sense!  I saw a picture of a vehicle wrap on the world wide web out in the Seattle area that had an enclosed plastic box glued to the back door of a wrapped cargo van.  Above the box it said “Take One.”  This picture also included a testimonial of a sale that was a direct result of a business card that was taken off of the back of the van!

It makes sense to do something like this because:

  • Businesses often struggle with what information to include on their wrap!  They want to be contacted, but don’t know which method to include, and too much information clutters the vehicle wrap design, causing it to be ineffective.
  • How often is a commercial vehicle parked in an area with high traffic?  Shopping centers picking up supplies, lunch, and on job sites.  I think it is much more likely for someone to grab a business card if they think they MAY need your services than try to remember your company “just in case.”
  • The box is small and on the back of your vehicle wrap.  It won’t be a hazard on the road because there will be no wind hitting it and it isn’t large enough to clutter the design on the back of your vehicle.

If you have dont this and seen success with it, or know someone who has, please contact us!