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Vehicle Wrap Designs, Less is More!

A vehicle wrap is a long term form of outdoor advertising; a big investment and one that will be worthwhile if done correctly. Your moving billboard will be viewed by tens of thousands of people every day! Is your vehicle wrap delivering your message effectively to each and every one of those people?

A great example of an effective design!

A great example of an effective design!

I always ask my clients one question during the design process for their first wrap. On average a consumer has 4-6 seconds with a vehicle wrap if you were on the highway, in traffic, and noticed your vehicle wrap, what stands out? Is it the brand? Is it clear what you do? If your brand and your industry aren’t being conveyed in those 4-6 seconds, I would suggest taking another look at your design.

The most common culprit of this vehicle wrap flaw is a busy design! Less is more! I can’t emphasize this enough. I realize you want your vehicle wrap to “Pop” and you want to tell everyone what you do, but a vehicle wrap is NOT a moving brochure! Also, if you’re using professional designers, they are sure to be able to leverage stock photography (for the background element) and unique colors to make your vehicle wrap stand out during the most crowded of rush hours!! When your vehicle wrap hits the streets, it should stand out and at one glance it should be obvious who you are and what you do.