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“WSMV News Channel 4 Uses Vehicle Wraps to Show Credibility”

Businesses utilize their fleet vehicle wraps in many different ways.  For the most part, they act as moving billboard throughout their market.  In this particular case, WSMV News Channel 4, not only utilizes this branding mechanism on the road, but in their commercials as well.  Many businesses put their vehicles on regular routes or park them at local events. WSMV News Channel 4 uses brand reinforcement by putting their fleet vehicles to work on their television commercials.

Producer Brian Hamlett, said “In a way, it’s a statement of values.  Working at WSMV is more than a job, its journalistic responsibility we take seriously.  From the building built on a hill, to the high standard we strive to attain, we are always there for Nashville and we always have been.  Any part of the day you may expect to see a WSMV TV crew driving around and gathering all the information they need for their stories.  It allows the neighborhood to see we are on the story and they can tune in to WSMV to find the most accurate information they need to know.”

In the case of WSMV, vehicle wraps show credibility.  You can say this is case for many businesses that use their fleet for branding purposes.  As a consumer, I would use the services of a business that I recognize.  Vehicle wraps is one of the most inexpensive, yet effective ways a business can receive this recognition.

WSMV Branding Commercial