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What Happens if My Wrapped Vehicle gets Wrecked?

Businesses pay to advertise on their own vehicles. With this investment, they market themselves to look presentable at all times. But in an imperfect world, accidents do happen. Which always raises the question, “Will I have to replace the entire wrap?”

Wrap with Side Damage

Generally, depending on the amount of damage, the design, and the location of the damage, replacing the whole vehicle wrap may not be necessary. Our team usually works hand in hand with the body shop that is doing the body work to determine what portions of the body we would need to replace. We take that information and combine it with our expertise in the wrap industry to determine exactly how much of the wrap needs to be replaced. In most instances, the only areas that need to be reprinted are those removed by the body company. However, depending on the design of your vehicle wrap, there are times where we may have to remove some additional vinyl and reprint it, simply to ensure your wrap lines up and looks as good as it did before the damage was incurred.


Full Body Wrap

  Regardless of the amount of damage or the amount of vinyl that needs to be replaced, Advertising Vehicles stands behind our products 100% and will do what it takes to get your mobile billboard back on the road as soon as possible. While 99% of the time, your wrap is covered by insurance, there are times where companies have decided to not go through the insurance and pay for the repairs out of pocket. Leveraging Advertising Vehicles’ expertise in the wrap industry will help ensure that your repair is completed in the most cost-effective manner possible. Oftentimes, we will present companies with a couple options, providing them the pros and cons of each, enabling them to make an educated decision and determine what is best for them!

 Has your vehicle wrap been through a reprint experience with Advertising Vehicles? Share your story in the comment section!