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Vehicle wraps help you stand out in a crowd

When going to a concert at a large outdoor venue you are bombarded with choices for refreshments. At Blossom Music Center, near Cleveland, many beer and alcohol companies are competing for business from the 10,000+ fans attending each event. Local distributor, House of LaRose, found a way to stand out among all of the people crowding the walkways. They wrapped their beer trailers with a long lasting 3M vinyl. Now they are easily recognized and easy to find. No longer do they look like the many trailers selling food, souvenirs and drinks. With the trademark Bud Light logo and the unmistakable shade of blue they are drawing attention.


Advertising Vehicles took the plain brown trailers and made them look brand new. Blossom and House of the LaRose could not believe the difference it made. It made the trailers look brand new. The wrap makes them look sleeker. They no longer have random signs or flags flapping. The vehicle wrap is now their sure sign to a good time.