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Vehicle Wraps Create Competitive Advantage at Events

Vehicle Wraps can provide value in numerous ways and present companies many options on how to use them to build brand awareness.  Most use them as mobile billboards on the highways and local roadways to deliver a companies products or services.  Other companies, such as two specific Nashville alcohol distributors, use their vehicles to promote particular products at big events.

Best Brands, a local Nashville liquor distributor, promotes one of its top selling liquors, Fireball, on an antique fire truck at all Tennessee Titan home games.  The fire truck has been present not only at NFL football games, but at all Fireball hosted events at restaurants and bars all over Nashville.  Ajax Turner, the Nashville Anheuser Busch distributor, also capitalizes on the use of their Bud Light vehicles at Tennessee Titans home games as extension to their in-stadium sponsorship.

Why is this advantageous to these two companies?  Most sponsors inside of LP Field pay numerous amounts of sponsorship dollars to be seen by spectators at each home game.  These companies pay significantly less ad dollars to be seen by the same people.  Not only that, these vehicles drive attention to the brand that leads to direct  interaction with the consumers at these events by giving away free products.  That’s not only being smart with marketing/advertising dollars, but also maximizes the use the company’s fleet in a profitable way.