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Placement of Pertinent Information on a Vehicle Wrap

You’re designing a vehicle wrap.  Where is the best place for your company’s information?  We’re here to give you our “expert” opinion.

For the sides of the vehicle, you want to keep it simple.  An attractive image and your company’s logo are a good starting point.  You want to stand out in a crowd with a moving billboard, so you need something large and eye catching, that can be comprehended quickly, while the vehicle is in motion.

If your company’s name already explains what you do – i.e. “Rick’s Heating and Cooling” – the company name will suffice.  You wouldn’t even need the website on the sides; as long as your company name is self explanatory, someone can go to the internet with just your company name and search and find your website.

Too much descriptive text and bullet points on the side of a vehicle can become lost.  If you want to list your services on the side of the vehicle, you might want to go with clear icons that show what you do, rather than hoping someone can read a list, while your vehicle goes by at 40+ mph.

Descriptive text and bullet points are better for the rear of a vehicle.  The viewer will have a bit longer to actually read what you do if it’s on the rear of the vehicle – especially if we’re talking about stopped traffic – as opposed to the side.

Lastly, if you’re designing for an entire fleet – especially a fleet of different types of vehicles – come up with an overall color scheme and use that on all the vehicles so the fleet will be recognizable at a distance.  This helps gives some continuity even if you aren’t putting exactly the same information on each vehicle type.