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NO FAILURE TO LAUNCH-Getting behind your Ad Campaign so you’re not left behind by your competition.

Advertising on busFew advertisers get the opportunity to get behind the launch of a new ad campaign, but not so for Karl Truman.  Karl Truman Law Office is a new advertiser to transit and it took a bit of time and negotiating on the part of his agency to finalize the details. However, when it was finally finished; every i-dotted and every t-crossed, Karl Truman launched his campaign with a bang!  The day his full bus wrap was completed, Advertising Vehicles arranged to have the bus driven to the client’s location for a press conference and photo shoot.  What we didn’t know is that the Agency had another idea in mind.  Every employee came out donning their “Bus Launch” t-shirts as they posed for a group photo with the Colonel, Karl himself in front of their full wrapped bus!  As we were staging a shot with just Karl and his Agency rep, a jeep full of on lookers drove by and shouted “Hey isn’t that you on the bus”?  Needless to say, everyone got a big smile and a few laughs out of the stares and shouts as they continued to stand proudly by their bus.  The man responsible for this launch party as well as the idea to try transit in the first place is Michael Sumner of the Sumner Group. His vision as well as his agency’s creativity created an excitement for his client that most advertisers don’t get to experience.  My favorite quote of the day was from Karl’s lovely wife, Jeanine who said “we need 5 more of these”! My reply, “I’ll be happy to oblige”!

The team posing with their "Bus Launch" shirts

The team posing with their “Bus Launch” shirts

Advertising on Bus ad campaign