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How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

Getting a quote on a vehicle wrap may seem very cut and dry; however, that unfortunately is not the case. There are a multitude of variables that must be considered before a vehicle wrap can be quoted. Here are a handful of those variables that must be discussed in order to get an accurate investment level.

  • Quantities: Make sure the supplier knows how many vehicles you are interested in wrapping. Many vehicle wrap companies will offer a quantity discount for agreeing to wrap multiple vehicles.
  • Design Requirements: There is some design time involved in every wrap, as the art must be formatted for production. The vehicle wrap company needs to know if they are designing the wrap or if they are just prepping it to be printed.
  • Locations: Where is your wrap(s) being installed? Are you bringing them to the vehicle wrap company? Is the supplier coming to your location? This information is imperative to the wrap company so they can determine any additional man hours that are to be accounted for in travel.
  • Coverage: The type of vehicle is a major factor in determining the amount of vinyl that is to be printed. This is especially important with irregular vehicles like enclosed trailers, box trucks, and 18 wheelers. These types of vehicles typically will require someone putting a tape measure to the side of the vehicle.
  • Surface Conditions: This is one of those unspoken variables that are often included when quoting a vehicle wrap. Vehicles that have rivets, screws, and/or corrugation will require additional man hours to successfully complete the installation.
  • Geometrics: The contours of your vehicle are another unspoken variable. Straight/Flat surfaces are much easier to install than a vehicle like a Chevy HHR which has extreme contours throughout its body!
  • Roof, Bumpers, Cabs: Some wrap companies include these in their pricing, however, most do not. Make sure to clarify with your supplier exactly what your expectations are so that they can provide you with accurate pricing and deliver a final product that will make you smile.
  • Perforated Vinyl: This vinyl is used to continue the design onto the windows of your vehicle, but is somewhat transparent allowing the driver/passengers to see out still. Clarifying whether or not you want this may save you a handful of change!
  • Special Requests: Most vehicle wrap suppliers will work with either 3M or Avery vinyl. These wraps are intended to be a branded message and left on your vehicle for 3-5 years. However, both of these companies offer a multitude of different vinyl types. When talking with your supplier, be sure to indicate how long you intend to have your wrap on your vehicle. These suppliers also offer products like a Matte Black vinyl, which is priced differently than your traditional vehicle wrap vinyl.

Once the vehicle wrap supplier has all of the necessary information, it is very simple to provide a quote. Make sure to take the time to meet with your potential suppliers and provide them with the necessary information to accurately evaluate and quote your projects. This time spent with the supplier is also a great time to view their portfolio, ask questions, and determine if this is the type of company you want to work with.