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Do’s and Don’ts of Vehicle Wrap Design Part II

Hopefully, the first blog helped you to get on your way to a beautiful wrap design. Here are more DO’S and DON’TS from the design cave to help you design a standout vehicle wrap!

DON’T extend text (especially small text) to the seams (on doors, windows, etc.).

DO leave some breathing room for text, logos, etc.

You may have a really great template, but remember the template is flat. Most likely, your install team will need to shift the design around on the actual vehicle to make sure it looks right. Give “breathing room” (about 4”) near seams, edges, or other obstructions to make sure you don’t lose pertinent information.

The text on this wrap falls nicely between the seams.


DON’T assume lines and gradients will match up all the way around the vehicle because it matches on your layout.

DO use caution when adding lines or gradients that are meant to flow all the way around the vehicle wrap.

This goes along with “remember your vehicle is a 3 dimensional object that will be viewed from all sides.” You’re laying out your design on a flat surface, and the design will install on a vehicle with curves. So, it may not be possible to make a line or gradient going from the side of the vehicle match up perfectly to the rear. Strategically place lines or gradients so they’re “cut off” by wheel wells or lights. This will give the illusion that the line or gradient is connected all the way around.


DON’T overload the design with information.

DO keep it simple.

A consumer will only be viewing the vehicle wrap for 4-6 seconds. If there is too much information on the wrap, the consumer will not have enough time to figure out what to look at. So, keep the wrap simple, making the most important information stand out. For more information, check out, “Vehicle Wrap Designs, Less is More!”

This wrap design is very simple, so viewers will know instantly whose van this is.


Most importantly…

DON’T BE SCARED to create something different.

DO have fun with your design!

The idea is to STAND OUT from the rest. Check out the competition to make sure your design doesn’t look to close to another design already out there. Play around with different ideas, and have variety; typically 3 different options to choose from are ideal. Remember… you’re the designer, so use your education (along with the DO’S and DON’TS above) to design an outstanding vehicle wrap.