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Designing TRAXX Banners for Seasonal and Promotional Use [Part 2]

Having a TRAXX system allows you to have a lot more creative freedom for different products you want to promote!  Because TRAXX skins are interchangeable, you can keep your message fresh and keep your promotions current.  Remember, these are moving billboards, so keep your text to a minimum with eye-catching images or products and bold colors so that it won’t be missed!

Rivertown, a local Cincinnati brewery, uses the TRAXX system to promote their seasonal beers.  The fall Pumpkin Ale utilized orange and yellow, and also tied in the main fall holiday – Halloween – with the use of jack-o-laterns.  For the winter, Rivertown has a Winter Ale.  For the winter advertisement, the design pulls out soft blues and white and snow flakes.

Rivertown Winter Ale Traxx Mock Up

Rivertown Winter Ale Traxx Mock Up

With the TRAXX system this client can easily swap out ads for different types of beers, or seasonal flavors, if they offer them.

Heating and cooling companies can majorly benefit from changing banners from season to season.  It seems obvious – advertise heating products in the winter and cooling products in the summer.  Additionally, certain elements in the design can really bring home the benefits of having a comfortable home for all seasons.

For example, in the summer, display the cooling relief of air conditioning with cooling colors such as blue, green, and violet. Not only are the colors cooling, but they can also represent certain emotions. For example, light blue is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness.  Consumers looking at the banner standing in humid, 100 degree whether will be drawn in by the cooling colors and the feeling of tranquility light blue represents.  Pair these colors with images of ice, water, or a cool breeze, and you have a design that will get a person’s attention in the summer.

2J Supply TRAXX

In the winter, do the opposite, and display the comfort of heat using warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow.  Red, orange, and yellow all represent fire and provide a cozy feeling.  Push the design further with images of fire, warm air, cozy blankets, or warm feet.  Consumers looking at the banner while standing outside in snowy, 5 degree weather will wish they had called a heating company sooner.

TRAXX is the one of the only systems in the world that gives companies the ability to easily change out advertising within minutes to portray different messages.