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Beware of Crap Wraps!

Unfortunately, so many poorly designed wraps are out on the streets that people start to think this is how a wrap should look… it’s not. The goal is to create an effective design that will not only get people’s attention, but will make a positive and lasting impression.

Know a poorly designed wrap when you see one. Take a look at the wraps below and see if you can figure out why we’ve placed them in the Crap Wrap category. If you need some hints, check out Do’s and Don’ts of Vehicle Wrap Design Part 1 and Part 2.

Once you think you’ve figured it out, click here for an explanation.


Bad Wrap 1

Bad Wrap 2

Bad Wrap 3

Bad Wrap 4

Bad Wrap 5

Bad Wrap 6

Bad Wrap 7

Bad Wrap 8


Click here for Answers to Beware of Crap Wraps!