Services For National Fleets

Advertising Vehicles is a full service fleet graphics company.  Our exclusive focus on fleet graphics enables us to dedicate our efforts on being specialists in the industry.  From recommending the perfect product, to our expert design teams, to our nationwide installation services, and everything in between, we are fleet graphics. If you are unsure of what all you need and would like to talk with someone, one of our fleet graphics representatives can be reached here, and would be happy to consult with you about your project.

Graphic Design & Layout

We have an extremely talented full-service design team

Project Management

Project Management

We handle it all. Saving you time and being efficient​


Printing & Production

Our impressive production facility sets us apart

Customer Service

Customer Service & Support

Customer service is a driving factor to our success


Rebranding Projects

We know how to manage rebrands and mergers

Fulfillment & Packaging

Prompt communication and emphasis on turnaround


Consulting Services

17 years dedicating all of our energy to fleet graphics


Installation & De-identification

Our national installer network makes it easy


Looking for something else? Reach out and we are happy to see how we can help!