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Your Fleet Graphics Should Be Consistent With Your Brand

The most important variable in your advertising efforts, regardless of the media you are using to promote your company, is your branding.  Brand recognition allows companies to go from using their full company name, to just their logo or abbreviation, without anyone questioning who they are.  A couple examples of this are Nike and Dominos, as Nike can use “Just Do It” or just the swoosh in their logo, and everyone knows them.  Donimos was once Dominos Pizza, but dropped the “pizza”, yet nobody lost any brand recognition because their brands were well developed.  Companies invest heavily to develop a brand, and tons of man hours to ensure that brand is kept consistent across the different forms of media, because they understand the value of having brand recognition!

Advertising Vehicles’ professional design team and production team also understand this value and takes the necessary steps to ensure your brand standards are met!  When designing fleet graphics, our team spends the extra time to check and double check that your color builds are accurate and that your fonts are in line with your brand standards guide.  To guarantee that your colors are being produced accurately by our printer, we have also implemented a secondary checkpoint, which is a brief but imperative matching step in the fleet graphics process.  These systems consistently create great results, regardless of the size and/or location of your fleet graphics project!