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Fleet Graphics is ALL we do!

Whether you have decided to implement fleet graphics into your media mix for the first time, are unhappy with your current graphics vendor, or are preparing to put out an RFP, you will probably review websites and have conversations with companies that are interested in providing fleet graphics for you.  You will likely find companies that are too small to handle your production needs, don’t have the capability to install nationwide, or are general printers.  If you ask around, you’ll hear our name. Other companies can do vehicle graphics, but only one focuses on fleet graphics – Advertising Vehicles, “The Fleet Graphics People.”

Dedication:  By focusing on fleet graphics, each of our teams have a clearly defined goal. Whether our product teams are exerting energy to make sure we have an array of solutions in house to fit everyone’s needs, our design teams are checking art quality for best output, or our project managers are spending time to understand our client’s fleet tendencies to develop a timeline that minimizes fleet downtime for installation, we are always and only putting our energy towards fleet graphics.

Solutions: By always dedicating our energy to fleet graphics, we are able to not only ensure that we have a solution for every situation, but that we are looking for the next best thing in fleet graphics to bring to our customers.  Back in 2011, we introduced the safest and most popular changeable graphics system in the world to the United States.

Efficiencies: With a spotlight on fleet graphics, we spend a ton of time talking shop with fleet managers and FMCs across the country, uncovering pain points and unmet needs.  This time spent is priceless as it has enabled us to uncover things that are missing in the industry. One solution was to build our own proprietary system, which encompasses our CRM, order input, workflow, and reporting, all with a focus on fleet.  

These are just a few of the benefits that come from working with Advertising Vehicles, “The Fleet Graphics People.”  If you think having a business partner that brings the aforementioned and more to the table would be valuable, please to contact us, we’d love to consult with you on your project!