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Fleet Graphics: A Scenario Where You Get What You Pay For

We’ve all been there.  A time where we have to decide whether or not something is worth the extra money.  From organic produce at the grocery, to that Samsung TV, to those 3M vehicle graphics, every scenario is different. In most cases, I think there are bargains to be had without much sacrifice (the aforementioned examples are all worth the extra money in my opinion).  In the business world, when considering a significant purchase, there are two costs that really need to be considered: “Purchase price” and “Total cost of ownership.”  

Fleet graphics, as mentioned above, are one of those areas where paying a little more upfront can save you a lot of money in the long run.  By using lesser grade materials, over the life of your graphics, your cost of ownership will likely be notably more than that of the higher end materials.  Here are some factors that could increase your cost of ownership:

  • Graphics can fade or peel faster than they should.  This will lead to you either running graphics that don’t represent your company well, or paying for those to be removed and new graphics to be installed on your fleet.
  • Removal of graphics can be very timely.  When using the wrong process or cheaper materials, there is a good chance that the removal of said fleet graphics will not go smoothly.  The costs to cover the man hours involved.
  • Removal of graphics can damage your assets.  Sometimes graphics may be so stuck to your assets that they need to be scraped, using a razor blade, to be removed.  So in addition to your expensive man hours, you will also need to paint a portion or all of your asset to be able to sell it or turn it in to your leasing company.

The information outlined above is just one example of how fleet graphics are a purchase where you get what you pay for.  Other variables that weren’t outlined, but should be considered include: production quality, design capabilities, downtime of your fleet for installation, travel time, and installation expertise.