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Use Vehicle Wraps To Increase Sales and Visibility

Most of you know that a vehicle wrap can turn a boring delivery truck into a moving billboard. As well you know that that moving billboard can increase sales and exposure for your brand. But have you thought about being clever with your fleet?

How about taking your entire fleet of wrapped vehicles for a tour of your market?

Have your employees drive your vehicle wraps one after the next all around your market. Do you think 10-20 vehicle wraps will catch any attention? My bet is that it will act as a bigger media than some of the more traditional forms of media you may be purchasing.

How about rewarding your employees and turning it into a marketing event?

What if you gave all your employees tickets to a popular sporting event in your market? The only catch to the employee is that they have to drive their vehicle wrap and park in a predetermined location. Imagine the impact when you have 10-20 vehicle wraps hogging up an entire area providing a ton of advertising impact for your brand. And don’t forget to leave together. As traffic from the event lets out and the streets are full of cars and people your 10-20 vehicle wraps will be lined up one after the other providing huge exposure for your brand.