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How to stand out in today’s messy media world.

Today’s media world is very, very fragmented making it extremely difficult to reach our target audience. When you think of all the thousands of options for people to choose from, it becomes very overwhelming. Combine this with the fact that people are always on the move and constantly jump from one media to the next, it is easy to see why people are so hard to target and then reach.

Are there any options that are unaffected by this fragmentation? What could my company take advantage of that fights it and allows me to target and reach my exact audience. Ladies and gentleman, I give you vehicle graphics.

Vehicle graphics are totally unaffected by media fragmentation. The last time I checked, you can’t close your eyes and effectively drive, walk, ride a bike, ride a bus, jog, etc. You could be driving a car, talking on your cell phone and listening to satellite radio yet you have to see most vehicles around you. The same goes if you are riding your bike and listening to Pandora on your i-phone – you are vulnerable and succeptible to impressions from vehicles.

In addition, have you ever really paid attention to how many vehicles are out on the roads each day? Of those vehicles, how many really catch your attention or do you remember? The only true memorable ones are those with eye-catching memorable graphics. Vehicle graphics with vibrant colors that shout your company name, info and brand. Memorable vehicle graphics are becoming more and more popular but are still in the minority out on the roads. This is a huge opportunity for you and your business. You can stand out from all the other vehicles and your competition. Dominate the roads and engrain your company name and message in the minds of your customers and potential customers. Somebody has to be the most well-known and popular and it might as well be you.