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How to grow your business with a professional image.

75% of consumers form an impression of a company based on their vehicle graphics. Company vehicles are “directors of impressions” and sometimes “directors of first impressions.”

Are you making the best impressions possible with your vehicles? What do your vehicles say about your company? Do your vehicle graphics elevate you over the competition? Image and perception are everything. The great thing is, you control both. Your vehicles represent your company and tell the public a lot of what they need to know. It’s just one check mark in the process but it’s a very important one. Create a bad impression here and you will have little or no chance to earn their business.

Imagine a company vehicle parked in a driveway performing a service for one of your neighbors. If the vehicle is unmarked, poorly marked or in bad shape, what does that say about the company? It probably conjures up words like temporary, unprofessional, dirty, unsafe, amateur, and cheap. On the other hand, if the vehicle is covered in gorgeous graphics shouting the company name, information, and expertise, positive words will probably pop into your head. Words like, trustworthy, professional, experts, quality, proven, and experienced. It sounds so simple but the difference and impact is huge.