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Be recognized. Over and Over and Over.

The effect of vehicle graphics is very beneficial for your business and if they happen to be full wraps, it’s even taken to another level. The public (aka your clients and prospective clients) feel like they see your vehicles everywhere – over and over and over. Your brand is reinforced in their mind day after day. It’s almost as if they can’t go anywhere without seeing your logo and message. And, if done correctly, a confident and positive feeling is what develops in their mind about your company and offering.

I have been in the vehicle graphics business for quite some time and have developed my own term regarding good vehicle graphics and wraps. I call it “the power of three.” It’s not scientifically proven but it has been confirmed time after time and year after year. The “power of three” means that for every vehicle you have wrapped, the perception in the marketplace is you have three times that many vehicles. An example would be a local florist we have done business with from the beginning. They had ten vans fully wrapped in beautiful, eye catching graphics. I would survey people all over the area and always received responses that this florist must have 30+ vehicles. The reason why – their vehicles were so memorable and effective that people felt they saw more of them then they actually did. Combine this with how good they looked and the excellent image they conveyed and it’s easy to see why this florist dominates the marketplace.

Take advantage of the space you already own and ensure your brand and message is constantly in the face of your clients and prospective clients. Good vehicle graphics and wraps guarantee you company will be recognized over and over and over.