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Using Box Truck Vehicle Wraps To Side Step Zoning Laws

The ability to maintain large format signs or billboards outside of your place of business or in high traffic areas can be a crucial tool in marketing your company, however many times city or other municipality zoning laws can delay or even cancel out the opportunity all together. Box truck vehicle wraps are a great alternative to traditional billboards, are more cost effective and also have the ability of being moved if needed. To date we have worked with a number of clients to wrap box trucks whose sole focus is to use it as a stationary billboard either directly outside their place of business, or on busy intersections.

A recent example of a client using this approach was Century Honda. The company had changed its name to Kings Honda and moved locations. They used a wrapped box truck at their old location to serve as a billboard to notify customers of both their name change and the move. Now as traffic drives by, the truck is instantly visible and becomes a highly effective marketing tool.