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Stock Photos vs Photoshoots When it Comes to Designing a Wrap

Using a planned photoshoot to capture your product will give your company a more personal impact on your customers! If a customer notices an image you used from a stock photo website for a product or service they may think that you are not really portraying what your company is really selling. BUT if you use your products or service in a well done, professional looking photo it is easier for a customer to envision that product or service working for them.

This especially applies to restaurants displaying food on their wrap or ad.  Stock photos may look nice, but if it’s not what your restaurant is selling, customers will end up disappointed… ending in bad reviews on Yelp, Urban Spoon, or whatever.

McDonalds Transit Ad

Frisch’s Van Wrap

It’s also important that a professional food photographer takes the photos.  Certain tricks and rules apply to food photography so that your food looks delicious on display.  Since a wrap will last 5 years, it’s worth it to spend the money on a photographer who can make food look appealing… and your customers hungry!

Skyline Transit

Gimme A Burger Box Truck – Traxx

Planned photo shoots are beneficial to a company because you will be able to get the exact look the client wants. SwapALease wanted to portray someone getting out of their car and into another. The images below show two options, the first a standard image from Shutterstock, the second a photo shoot with an employee of the company. The Shutterstock image does not match the curves of the car and the image of the child does not match the look of what the company was going for. With the planned photoshoot the end result is one that works with the car, has connection back to the company, and provides a better overall look and feel.

SwapALease – stock photo

SwapALease – photoshoot


Photo shoots are also beneficial when you want a dynamic look for your vehicle wrap.  Stock photo websites aren’t always going to have the exact angle of the inside of a box truck you’re looking for, or the interior of a very specific type of vehicle.  Both Furniture Fair and the Cincinnati Zoo needed these very specific angles to achieve the design.  The Furniture Fair ad also required Ed and Anthony to be posed, so it would look like Ed is hanging on for dear life.  Designs like this could not have been achieved with stock images alone.

Furniture Fair box truck

Cincinnati Zoo vehicle wrap

With stock photo sites you are limited to what someone else has out there. Planning your own photo shoot guarantees that your design will be unique and make more of an impact.