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Designing a 3-Dimensional Ad

3D wraps can be very eye catching, if they’re done correctly. When a design pops out at you, or it appears you can actually look inside, it makes you stop and look just a little more closely. It certainly grabs more attention than a flat background. To do this it’s crucial to have good photography or the right selection of stock imagery, and the right angles to pull off an effective 3D design.


For this Bud Light wrap, the water and ice cubes – which are from a stock image website, were manipulated to make the bottles look like they are bursting out of the ice and water.  The movement of the water pushes your eye directly to the main product – an ice cold, delicious bottle of Bud Light Lime.  The stock images of the water and ice worked with the Bud Light Lime bottles provided from the client.  Sometimes it’s not always about unique images, but instead, the right type of image.

Bud Light Lime Van Wrap


Coors Light exercises their creativity, along with the advantage of a moving billboard, to catch consumer’s attention and drive brand awareness. Turning a plain city bus into a full steam engine train is a guaranteed way to get people to remember your brand and/or company.  No other form of advertising (print, web, or radio) can make this kind of impact. Designing vehicles and cars to look like other types of vehicles is a sure-fire way to get people to look twice and remember you and your brand.  Taking chances, illustration, good photography, and thinking outside of the box can go a long way to getting the most bang for your buck.

Coors Light Transit Wrap


Furniture Fair wanted a unique and eye-catching design for the rear of their box truck, so they did a photoshoot to get the image they needed.  With the photoshoot, they were able to get the exact angle of the inside of inside of a box truck. If the exact angle isn’t photographed, it can throw off the whole design.  Anthony and Ed were photographed for this design as well, so they could achieve the look of Ed hanging onto a strap on the roll-up door of the box truck.  When you want a  dynamic design, with people in specific positions, photoshoots are always best. Photoshoots allow for the most control to achieve the best overall look for your design.

Furniture Fair Box Truck Wrap

Images of the Copenhagen Zoo Snake Bus have been widely spread across the web because of its extremely realistic design of a snake crushing the bus.

Copenhagen Zoo Bus Wrap

This 3D wrap is successful for several reasons:
• The design is tailored to the shape of the bus. Trying to force an illusion by using stock imagery that doesn’t really go with the vehicle, will cause it to look fake.

• The snake is a high-resolution image. If the snake were pixelated in any way, it would stand out as a fake right away.

• Bright colors and dark shadows. The contrast of the bright yellow and red against the black shadows makes the crushed bus portion of the design stand out. This forces the viewer’s eye to the crushed portion of the design so they don’t notice the actual bus the wrap is going on, which is hidden by the dark shadows.

• The shadows under and around the snake makes it appear as if the snake is actually popping out at you. Although the illusion is most successful at a straight-on shot of the bus, the illusion is still there at angled views.

• The text is “crushed” along with the bus. The designer placed the important information “Zoo – The wildest place in town” in an area that isn’t as crushed so it’s still readable… but believe in the illusion. The text at the top that isn’t as important is crushed, making the crushed bus even more realistic.

Copenhagen Zoo Bus Wrap

Credits & Description:
Giant constrictor snake squeezing complete Copenhagen citybus.
Advertising Agency: Bates Y&R, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Ib Borup
Art Director: Peder Schack
Agency Producers: Josephine Winther-Poupinel, Steen Nøhr
Other credit: Erich Karsholt
The Print Ad titled Snake Bus was done by Bates Y&R advertising agency for brand: Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark. It was released in the Dec 2009.