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Brand Consistency Leads to Familiarity & Choice

Did you know when a need arises, 80% of consumers go with a brand they are familiar with? Consistency in the way you represent your company is extremely important in creating top-of-mind brand awareness and familiarity.

  • Consistency demonstrates professionalism, stability and purpose. It establishes and maintains a very specific set of impressions, embedding your brand into a consumer’s mind.
  • Consistency builds equity in your brand and protects your investment. If you don’t establish brand standards within your organization, you could invest thousands of dollars crafting your logo and messaging, only to have it degraded by constant contradictions.
  • Consistency avoids confusion by keeping your logo, marketing materials, letterhead, sales materials, uniforms and company vehicles consistent with the brand image and message.

Brand Consistency

You invest in the look and feel of your website, your company uniforms are clean and well representative of your brand, letterhead, marketing materials all reflect your brand standards, but what about your vehicles? Vehicle graphics are a great way to ensure consistency with your logo and messaging, and taking advantage of your fleet of vehicles for advertising is a small investment that goes a long way.

Company vehicles work 24/7 for your company, whether they’re on the road delivering to customers, visiting a job site, or sitting in a parking lot. And, since company vehicles spend hours each day on the road visiting customers, you’ll deliver your marketing message through vehicle graphics to consumers of all demographics. Even better, fleet graphics have one of the lowest costs per impression in advertising.

Let us help you create a consistent brand message by incorporating vehicle graphics into your marketing mix.