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Viewing Truck Communication Differently – Truck Graphics in Your Marketing Campaign

Marketing strategies and options are always evolving. With the advancements in technology, the marketing options feel endless now and the opportunity to skip or avoid advertising is stronger than ever. Using the traditional forms of advertising like TV or radio no longer ensures your message is received by your target market.  

Just as marketing has evolved, so have the options with regards to truck advertising. It all started with paint, moved towards decals, then traditional vehicle wraps were introduced, and now you have a solution that enables businesses to quickly and cost effectively change their graphics. There are two main reasons businesses love truck advertising:  

  1. The main reason people have continued to improve the fleet graphics options is because businesses know that consumers are seeing their message. With the fragmentation that’s affecting today’s media, knowing that your message is reaching the consumer and that it can’t be avoided is extremely valuable.  
  2. Businesses continue to include extensive fleet graphics on their truck and trailer fleets because there is no media fee associated with their advertising. This means that the only costs to advertise on your fleet are the production and installation of the graphics.

Knowing that your brand messaging on your fleet is reaching consumers and that you can achieve this for no media costs, do you feel you are maximizing the communication on your fleet? With paint, decals, and wraps it is very difficult to maximize this value because your messaging needs to be brand centric. However, with the evolution of truck and trailer graphics to include the Traxx frame system, businesses can now quickly and easily change out their graphics, enabling organizations to reconsider how they use their fleet as advertisements.

Companies across the world have added the Traxx frame system to their trucks and trailers and are now using their fleet of media-free billboards as part of their marketing strategy and media mix. By understanding their fleet (quantities, where they go, and when they go), marketing departments are essentially able to get a strong understanding of who will see their advertisements as well as how many impressions will be delivered, enabling them to quantify the media value of their fleet. When compared to the costs involved in running a fleet campaign on their trucks, the number of impressions delivered make including “truck graphics” as part of most marketing campaigns a no brainer.