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How to turn trucks into Billboards.

You could debate utilizing vehicle graphics or vehicle wraps is like turning them into billboards and you would be partially correct. It is your own space that is rent free and it can include a visual message that cannot be ignored. They do make effective and memorable impressions wherever they go. The only thing missing is the ability to change and re-use the message quickly, easily and cost effectively.

This is where the Traxx frame system comes in. The system allows you to immediately transform your vehicles in a changeable network of rent free billboards. The message can be changed and reused. On top of this, it’s very affordable to do.

It takes two hours or less to install the system on the sides of the truck or trailer and then the graphics can be removed and/or replaced in 45 minutes or less. Just like traditional billboards you see every day. Except there is no monthly media charge.

The other thing the Traxx frame system does is allow your message to be current and/or relevant. You make sure all your other advertising messages are fresh and timely. So why not have the messages on your vehicles be consistent with the rest of your marketing mix? After all, you have to have your vehicles to be in business and they go exactly where your customers and prospective customers are.

Vehicle graphics and wraps are excellent. However, if you have a strategy for how to use the messaging on your trucks along with a budget, the Traxx system allows you to truly turn your vehicles into billboards. Billboards that make sense to change and re-use because of their cost effectiveness.