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How seasonal messaging increases business.

Most companies that utilize graphics on their vehicles choose a branding message or one that can be stuck to the vehicle and left there for many years. For some, it is as simple as including their logo, website and phone number. Others, take better advantage of the space and fully wrap it with an eye catching, branding message that will stand the test of time. The reason why these messages are this way is it’s difficult and expensive to remove and change the vinyl once it’s installed. It becomes a headache that is not cost effective. What if you had the ability to feature a seasonal or promotional message that could be changed and re-used and it’s quick, easy and cost effective? You DO with the Traxx changeable graphic system.

The Traxx system allows you to immediately transform your trucks or trailers into a changeable network of rent free billboards. Billboards that can feature seasonal, promotional or timely messages that are consistent with the rest of your advertising mix. There’s a reason companies’ traditional advertising mix features seasonal messages or messages with an attractive price point or special offer. They do this to drive people to their business and increase sales. It just makes sense to include your vehicle graphics in this mix. Especially since there is an easy and cost effective way to do it. On top of this, your vehicles go exactly where your customers and prospective customers are.

Seasonal messaging exists so you can advertise to your customers when the time is right. It drives them to your business and helps to increase sales. The Traxx system on your vehicles allows your fleet to compliment the rest of your seasonal advertising mix and drive your message home. A branding message is good but a seasonal or promotional message combined with elements of your brand is optimal for your vehicles. Let Advertising Vehicles help you get the most out of your trucks or trailers and show you how seasonal messaging can increase your business.