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Don’t get stuck to your Fleet Graphics.

So you’re considering updating the graphics on your truck and trailer fleet.  Whether it’s due to a merger, an acquisition, or you are just looking for a refresh, the process of determining what graphics to put on your fleet is a daunting one at best.  However, you’re not alone as this is a project that gets executed throughout the world an unreal amount of time annually.

With traditional fleet graphics, the ones that stick to your assets, made by 3M or a similar company, the design phase of the graphics project requires a lot of thought.  Each asset from a media standpoint is very valuable as thousands of consumers see each unit daily, so you want to maximize the marketing value for those impressions. How do you design a moving billboard that is eye-catching, but isn’t too busy, that conveys a valuable media message, but not one that will “expire” during the life of the trailer graphics, forcing you to redo them.  The safest way to achieve a design that won’t lapse is to stick to a brand-centric message with no time sensitive information.  While this doesn’t maximize the media value of your truck fleet, it does enhance brand recognition.

Another solution that should be considered when changing your fleet graphics is the Traxx frame system.  Patented out of the UK and provided in The United States by Advertising Vehicles, this changeable graphics system allows businesses to treat their truck fleet as moving billboards.  Now, instead of struggling to design a long term message that won’t expire, you can implement your fleet of mobile media into your marketing strategy.  As you develop quarterly campaigns using media outlets like radio, tv, and internet, you can include your fleet of trucks into the mix.  These billboards on wheels offer extremely high impression counts and have no media cost associated with them, requiring you to only consider the cost of production in your marketing budget!

If you would like to learn more about the Traxx frame system, or are unsure about which solutions make the most sense for you, please contact us and one of our fleet graphics consultants will be in contact with you.