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Afraid of commitment?

Do you find yourself sometimes wishing you weren’t stuck with your vehicles graphics for extended periods of time? Do you wish you could quickly, easily and cost effectively take down your existing fleet graphics and replace them with a more relevant or promotional message? And, what if you were also able to take those promotional messages down, store them for future use and go back to your standard brand message for as long as necessary, keeping your fleet graphics timely and relevant?

Have you been afraid to commit to vehicle graphics? Well, fear no more because the Traxx changeable graphics framing system is here to eliminate that fear. By utilizing this system, you can change and re-use the message whenever you want. The Traxx system provides a cost effective and timely way to adjust your company’s vehicle graphics. Whether it’s a reactional decision, a quarterly marketing strategy or a planned brand message change, the Traxx system makes it quick, easy and cost effective.

The system allows you to have the best of both worlds when it comes to vehicle graphics, because messages can be easily changed out. Let Advertising Vehicles help you make the most of your fleet graphics.