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Advertise More – For Less!

The nice thing about utilizing your vehicles as billboards is you can get much more exposure and actually decrease your advertising spend! How is this possible, you may ask? It’s really quite simple. Considering how valuable your vehicle space is (your vehicles go exactly where you want and need them to go and that happens to be where your customers and prospects are) and the fact that it’s rent free, you actually make more impressions for less money. We are not suggesting you cut all other advertising. In fact, we think it’s great you have a nice advertising mix. We think you should just re-allocate some dollars. For example, let’s say you are currently using billboards, radio, tv and the web. And in your billboard package, you are up on 20 boards. You could cut the number of boards in half and use a portion of your savings to outfit all of your trucks with the Traxx frame system. You have now saved money and make more impressions and better impressions due to your vehicles going exactly where you need them to go. Now you have your trucks consistent and constantly working with the rest of your advertising mix.

If the billboard company called you tomorrow and said you could have 10 more boards rental free (all you have to do is pay for the production), would you take them up on it? What if they also mentioned these additional 10 boards will be in the perfect areas to reach your current and potential customers? The answer is YES!

If you have 10 delivery trucks, then this is the opportunity that exists for you. The reason why you haven’t taken advantage of this is because it was just presented to you. Use your own space first, then rent additional space. Let the Traxx frame system help you advertise more, for less money!