Advertising Vehicles updates FleetOwner Magazine on Vehicle Graphics

Advertising Vehicles and our vice president Michael Ries were featured in the September 2020 Edition of Fleet Owner Magazine. The article focuses in on how “mobile” advertising is changing, and how it is adapting to a wireless connected world. For example, the value of incorporating interchangeable graphics such as our TRAXX framing system allows companies […]

24/7 Advertising on the Move

Cintas Shoe Mobile

In today’s world, we are bombarded with television, radio, and digital ads all competing to capture our attention. The disadvantage of these advertising mediums is that they can be turned off or skipped over, making it difficult to decide which marketing approach to take to effectively get your brand message out. Company Vehicles Work 24/7 […]

Take the Hassle of Fleet Graphics Off Your Plate

If you are like most people responsible for a fleet of vehicles, you’re extremely busy, have a lot on your plate, and are under constant pressure to do more at a faster pace. And, fleet graphics may not be the only area of responsibility you handle for your organization. Wouldn’t having a partner to take […]

It’s a Wrap!

When it comes to Marketing in the 21st Century companies have various options to choose from. You can go old school like TV, radio spots or dare I say… newspaper ads, or go new school with various digital and social media platforms to get your message out to the masses. For companies with vehicles, using […]