They tell us we did a good job

Since we've been working with Advertising Vehicles our phone calls have increased tremendously. We are currently on 60 benches throughout Davidson and Rutherford Counties. Most of our rental properties are located in Northern Rutherford County. Because of this we have targeted around this area to get the best results possible. We are very pleased with our results and the customer service that Advertising Vehicles has provided. We would definitely recommend bench advertising to any business to drive branding and sales. More importantly, Leah, you have been INCREADIBLE to work with! Your proficiency and meticulousness makes our lives so easy when it comes to working with you. Thank you for being so superb! (Just for the record, Leah did not pay me to say this, I'm very serious, and she is wonderful!) Thanks you very much,

Mary Gross

Advertising Vehicles has been a great "tool" in helping me promote my business here in the Nashville area. We try to track every call that comes in and I can't begin to tell you how many calls I received from my benches. Leah Walker is my sales rep with the company, and is always there when i need her. She has been great. I look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Advertising Vehicles. They have helped our business grow by leaps and bounds. Please feel free to contact me anytime for reference.

Greg Sanford

Free At Last Bonding

Thank you for the note. I saw it in Hyde Park as well the other day and was thrilled. Glad we finally got approval and wrap up- I know it caused headaches! Your team was great with all of the changes and we appreciate all that they did. Thank you,

Jenna Bellinski

BMW Store

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and everyone at Advertising Vehicles for the great customer service. Last December, we launched our WDRB Local Evening News @ 6:30 with great success. The KONGS worked so well with our media campaign and design elements. It was seamless. Also, thanks for making sure our KONGS were cleaned weekly since we used a white background. Now, we are back at promoting Dr. Phil and our WDRB News @ 4. You guys got our creative up early and it is so much appreciated. WOW! You Guys Rock



I have been thoroughly delighted and surprised in conducting business with Advertising Vehicles and Ms. Diane Karem. I have advertised with Advertising Vehicles for over three years and couldn’t be happier with my service. The level of professionalism and attention to details that I receive is one of the reasons I continue to do business with Advertising Vehicles. I have tried nearly every type of advertising in the Louisville market but none have been as consistent as the bus advertising. HKC Roofing and Construction will continue to work with Advertising Vehicles and Ms. Karem to achieve our advertising objectives in the future. It has worked well for us! Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have concerning our relationship with Advertising Vehicles or Ms. Karem. Best Wishes,

Michael A. Kennedy

HKC Roofing and Construction

I wanted to take a moment to thank you, once again, for your dedicated service and attention to Spalding University as we worked through the best way to incorporate transit into our marketing plan for fiscal 2011-’12. As a small, private, not-for-profit institution of higher education, we must plan and spend very carefully in an effort to enhance the awareness of the Spalding brand. Our presence on TARC (Advertising Vehicles) is one of the elements from which we consistently receive positive feedback. Not only is it a smart branding choice for us, it matches our mission, in that we are dedicated to “community connectedness.” Spalding boasts a rich academic heritage, and your service and expertise assists us in our efforts. Thank you!

Rick Barney

Spalding University

Deciding where to spend our advertising dollars, to maximize our results, can be a difficult decision for us at Queens City Blacktop Co. However, in 2008 we knew our goal was to get our name out into the minds of tri-state people we have worked with for these 30 plus years. We are so happy we chose to advertise on Metro! The results have been better than we anticipated! Companies that we do business with now and past clients have recognized us and the feedback has been continual. We are back in the minds of some who had forgotten about us. Plus, we have gained new opportunities to provide service to businesses that are looking for a paving company. Our advertising goals have been met and exceeded in advertising relationship with Metro! Thanks for making the whole process very easy! Additionally, thanks for helping us prepare professional ads that match the quality with which we are known for! We look forward to a long partnership with you in the future. Sincerely,

Martin C. Steinbach

Queen City Blacktop

OPC Pest Control has been utilizing transit advertising with Advertising Vehicles for several years. Our experience with transit advertising campaign and the relationship with Advertising Vehicles has been outstanding. The transit marketing program has been seamless from the design process to the end product on the transit vehicles. Our account representative, Diane Karem, has always been professional and dependable and has become an integral part our marketing team. Additionally, Diane has been instrumental in providing the necessary documentation for co-op funding from our suppliers. I routinely recommend Advertising Vehicles to colleagues when discussing marketing strategies. I envision a long and fruitful relationship with Advertising Vehicles and Diane Karem. Best regards,

Donnie Blake

OPC Pest Control

After years of working with you and working in a variety of advertising mediums, I wanted to write this letter to share my experience with Advertising Vehicles and transit advertising. In late January of 2007, you brought me a deal known as Partner Package. The package included production and encompassed 4 full bus wraps, 40 Kong displays and 25 King displays. The annual investment has certainly been a positive eye-opening experience. I can hardly escape the buses! Since I sell cars and people are in their cars more than ever before, it makes perfect sense to be intrusively in front of them while they are driving! I can certainly advise a business to place ad dollars on transit. You can't beat the transit impressions made with Advertising Vehicles. Diane, you have been a great asset to Neil Huffman Automotive and we look forward to extending our commitment with Advertising Vehicles in the future. Sincerely,

Dow Huffman


I wanted to write and let you know how pleased the Kentucky Lottery is with our transit advertising programs in Louisville and Lexington. The KLC has been involved in transit advertising for over 10 years. A majority portion of the campaign is devoted to our Powerball product and includes changing jackpot amounts twice weekly. This has caused some concerns in the past when the jackpots were not changed in a timely manner. I am happy to say that since Advertising Vehicles has taken over advertising, this process has improved in both markets and we have not received one complaint about incorrect jackpot amounts. Thank you for a great customer service and for working with the Kentucky Lottery to create win-win situation. Sincerely,

Connie Greenleaf

Kentucky Lottery Corporation

The price of advertising on the buses provides increased value as we get much more exposure to the local markets immersed in them as opposed to a 5 second drive-by on a billboard in one location.

Clients and Prospects tell us they see our advertisements everywhere they go which provides an essential piece to our branding efforts.

Richard C. Cummins


I am writing to thank you for your help with Skyline Chili wrap and promotion. Since this was the first real endeavor by the client into transit advertising- your service and professionalism were much appreciated. Our client in Louisville, Fifth Third Bank, is also very excited to see their new bus wrap design on the streets! Thanks for working within guidelines and timing. We look forward to working on more campaigns in the future. Respectfully,

Bill Brassine

Sunrise Advertising

I just wanted to let you know we're on board again for the 2008 season. You know, this will be our third year already using Advertising Vehicles bus advertising. I have to say that even though Motorsports Industry overall has been a little soft, we're coming off one of our best years ever. I have to think the buses played a big part on that. This type of advertising is Big & Bold and you can't help noticing them. we've realized that the traditional radio or TV spots we've run in the past, just aren't reaching people like they used to and their prices keep going up, even though they're far less effective. Goodluck in your new markets. I know you'll do well, this is advertising that really works! Sincerely,

Dave Freudemann

Cycle Specialties

I have advertised on Metro Buses for over five years and this has provided me the best return on my advertising dollars. We are a small business so it is critical that I spend my dollars wisely. Advertising on Metro Buses allows me to reach a large audience at a relatively low cost per thousand. I have tried numerous media for my advertising but Metro is the best result for me. I am confident that other owners will benefit from advertising on Metro Buses. Sincerely

Jim Tierney

A Better Window

“Robertson Taylor maintains a long term relationship with Leah Walker and Advertising Vehicles. We work with Advertising Vehicles by providing bus bench advertisements for both our company and our clients. This campaign has been very successful for us.

Leah and Advertising Vehicles are prompt, professional and accurate. We willcontinue to use bus bench ads with Advertising Vehicles as one of our primary forms of local advertisement.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the wonderful job they do for us.”

Linda Ghaffari

Robertson Taylor, Inc.

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