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Transit Advertising Nashville

Nashville MTA Overview

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  • Nashville MTS averages 28,000 riders every day.
  • Nashville MTA’s total ridership is 8.5 million. That’s 708,000 passengers a day!
  • About 52% of annual ridership is female and over 47% is between the ages of 35-54.
  • 31.3% of riders are using MTA to get to their place of employment.
  • Interior displays carry your message wherever that bus is routed for the day. Since different riders cycle on and off each bus all day long, it is a great way to reach a captive audience that has plenty of time to read your ad and even take notes!

Nashville Market

Transit Advertising Nashville

Nashville Population: 1,158,800
Nashville Total Employed: 734,771
Number of households: 526,000
Median age: 34
Mean household income: $51,510

Ethnic Composition: 80.6% Caucasian, 15.3% African American, 4.1% Hispanic

  • 72% of Nashville residents have a mortgage.
  • Nashville is the nation’s 28th-largest city.
  • Expansion Management magazine ranked the Nashville metropolitan area as one of the nation’s top hottest cities for business expansion or relocation.
  • 78% of Nashville residents commute to work alone.
  • 57% of Nashville residents were born and raised in Nashville.
  • Nashville is best known for its music industry. It is a major recording center, especially for country music and is home to The Grand Ole Opry!

Major Colleges & Universities: Athens of the South, Vanderbilt University, Fisk University, Belmont University, David Lipscomb College, Tennessee State University, University of Tennessee, The Art Institute of Tennessee, Trevecca Nazarene University, Meharry Medical College, and Nashville Tech.

Nashville is proud of its residents and recent national rankings.

  • Nashville ranks No. 8 nationally for per capita income growth and is the No. 2 largest city for relocating families.
  • Nashville and Brentwood rank among the top 100 places to live based on education, crime, employment & housing.
  • Nash-Vegas ranks No. 1 for single professionals.

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