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Transit Advertising

Use transit advertising to spark sales in your business

If you think there’s nothing new about bus sides, look again.

Transit advertising is an interactive medium that offers national and local advertisers the opportunity to reach their target market in a big, bold, and cost effective manner. Buses follow the crowd, as do the ads affixed to them! This allows companies to cover the entire market numerous times daily, provide coverage at high traffic destinations, and reach the towns surrounding major markets. Advertising Vehicles’ variety of display options makes transit advertising appealing and possible for budgets of all sizes! Imagine having these moving billboards spreading your message up to 21 hours each day—think that would help your business? Fill out our contact form to be connected with a transit specialist.

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Display Options

For those new to transit advertising, there are numerous display options to meet your exact needs, most importantly being budget. From full bus wraps to more economically priced options like tails, there is a transit display option that is a perfect fit for your advertising campaign. Listed below are our most popular options with additional information regarding each for specific pricing or availability questions, contact one of our transit specialists.

Transit Advertising Display Options And Sizes

Full Bus Wrap

Full Bus WrapA full bus wrap let’s your business have 40 feet of huge impact driving the local streets promoting your business. This bold advertising vehicle is certain to collect attention and drive sales.
485″w x 111″h (Side)105″w x 92.5″h (Rear)105″w x 35″h (Front)

Kong Panel

Kong PanelThe Kong Panel is one of the most popular sizes in each of our markets. It extends from wheel well to wheel well and is nearly 20 feet in length. It’s large enough to turn heads and affordable enough for most advertisers.
178″w x 104.5″h

King Panel

King PanelThe King Panel has long been the standard in the transit advertising world and is available in each of our four transit markets. If you are looking for a cost effective billboard campaign you may consider these as the backbone for that campaign.
144″w x 30″h

Mini Kong Panel

Mini Kong PanelThe Mini Kong Panel greets your audience as they come on board our buses as they are always installed on the boarding side of the bus. This ad will do a great job of impacting every rider as well as the thousands of cars and pedestrians it passes every day. The name says mini, but the advertising is large and will make your business stand out.
182.5″w x 53.275″h

Super Tail Panel

Super Tail PanelThe Supertail is our most common size used on the backs of our buses. It covers the lower half of the bus and gives you a great way to get noticed in your market.
75.5″w x 36.5″h

Our Market Reach

Advertising Vehicles currently serves transit ads for four of the largest metropolitan areas in the Midwestern United States and are continually growing. Our advertisements within these four markets culminate into tens of millions of impressions every year, impressions that dominate other media platforms. Interested in a specific market? Choose a city below, or contact a transit specialist for more information.

Cincinnati | Lexington | Nashville | Cleveland

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