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The Secret to Utilizing a Full Bus Wrap

Hollywood Casino Wrap with King

Hollywood Casino Wrap with King

One of the many advantages Transit Advertising provides you is an Out of Home Marketing solution that goes to work for you on a daily basis.  With Transit Advertising, compared to other Out of Home options, your message is constantly on the move extending the reach and frequency of your marketing campaign, leading to even greater results.

One of the most impactful ways of utilizing transit advertising is having a Fully Wrapped Bus.  That bus truly becomes a rolling, 40ft +, mobile billboard for your brand.  When a Full Wrap drives thru the streets of cities across the country, it demands and receives attention from all those around it.  Its movement; size and color cannot be ignored. Studies have shown that moving, colorful ads are not only more noticeable but more memorable. The creative pallet is exceptional, and the better the transit creative the BIGGER THE BUZZ!!

So what is the secret to utilizing the Full Wrap?  The secret is having the capability to change your messaging without having to completely re-wrap a bus every time you’re marketing changes.  There are simple ways to easily accomplish this feat.  If designed appropriately, the Full Wrap leaves some natural panels that can be changed on a regular basis while still keeping the integrity of the overall Full Wrap Design. 

Hollywood Casino uses this option in Cincinnati on a monthly basis.  They have a number of Full Wrap Buses on the streets every day.  In their case, they continuously have new promotions running each month that leads to a different message to push to the masses.  What is done to accomplish this, is, every month the space equivalent to a King Panel on both sides of the bus gets changed to market the different promotions they have going on.  The wrap stays as is and they get an up to date message put on their buses very easily.   There are a number ways to execute this, just make sure you plan ahead!