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How to Reach a Diverse Market With Bus Benches

Over the past 5 years, Dye Van Mole & Lawrence have represented the 911 Board in Nashville.  There main message is “Urgency, Not the Same as Emergency”, which educates Nashville residents both English and Hispanic speaking, the proper times to contact 911.  Nashville has been one of the first cities in the nation to confront this problem. 

The focus of this year’s creative has been to catch attention with illutstrations of non-emergency situations.  Outdoor bus benches were produced in English and Spanish to reach everyone who lives and works in Metro Nashville.  Bus benches are great way to reach many ethnicities in different areas of the Greater Nashville Market.  The 911 Board took advantage of this medium and strategically placed their ads in highly populated areas to ensure they marketed to their entire demographic.  Static benches serves as a great solution for messages to be targeted in specific areas of any metropolitan market.